Hydraulic Fluid

Petro-Canada’s premium lines of hydraulic fluids are engineered to resist thermal and oxidative breakdown, provide extended drain intervals, and protect against equipment wear. They minimize sludge and varnish deposits for smoother equipment performance and reduced maintenance.

Our hydraulic fluids perform year-round in wide temperature ranges, and we also have a line of hydraulic fluids specially formulated for operations working in environmentally-sensitive areas.

There’s a hydraulic fluid to suit your needs:
Inherently biodegradable, non-toxic, recyclable, and long-lasting hydraulic fluids for use in environmentally-sensitive areas. Premium performance for long hydraulic fluid life and robust anti-wear capabilities designed for use in wide temperature ranges.


Benefits of Petro-Canada Hydraulic Fluids

  • Extend drain intervals
  • Protect against equipment wear
  • Reduce maintenance
  • Increase equipment performance
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