Oil Sampling Service

We See Your Machine from Inside

By Oil Sampling service, you can know more about your machine or engine, our valuable management tool that can maximize your equipment life, productivity, and minimize operating costs and downtime.

Your analysis will be performed by a laboratory with over 30 years experience in analyzing all types of lubricated systems. Our Lab is accredited to ISO17025, ISO14001 and operate an ISO 18436 Lubrication Analysis training center, giving you the confidence to act.

Our Oil Sampling service includes:

Lube Oil Condition Monitoring:
-Paper machines, and many more
Lube oil Specification testing:
-Cold Cranking Simulator
-High Temp High Shear Viscosity
-NOACK Volatility test
-Mini Rotary Viscometer
Coolant and AdBlue Monitoring
Insulating oils:
-Tap changers
Fuel Specification and Contamination testing:
-Diesel to EN590 and BS2869
-Marine fuels to ISO 8217
Investigative Analysis:
-Filters Analysis (oil, fuel, and Adblue)
-Identification of deposits and sludge in machinery systems.
-Root Cause Failure Analysis